As we emerge from the pandemic, we are entering a new normal. With that new normal, we need to be ready.

Individuals and organizations have learned a lot through the pandemic – new procedures, new policies, new ways of working in general. It is now time to capture that learning and help to build systems that are ready to respond to future insults and setbacks. Identifying and focusing on human factors and needs in our leadership, strategy, and organizational culture may be the way to minimize future impacts and be ‘ready’ to accept and thrive in changing circumstances. The resources below highlight the needs of individuals yet focus on the system and the factors we can modify to ensure ‘readiness’ is part of our platforms moving forward.

Individual and System Readiness

The following presentation by A/Professor Kyle Wilby, introduces the concept of individual and system readiness and the need to prepare for change.

Readiness Podcast

Please click on the link to listen to the podcast where Kyle and Vibhuti will discuss further the need for individual and system readiness.

The podcast is also available to download.

Individual and System Readiness Activity

If you want to explore Readiness further, Kyle, Vibhuti and Maguy have prepared an activity using scenarios and reflective exercise.

Click on the image to download.

Resilient teams are essential in todays workplace.