About GRiT

The concept of a the Global Resilience Team started in September 2019 after delivering a workshop on ‘Developing Resilience in Undergraduate Pharmacy Students’ at the International Biennial Monash Pharmacy Education Symposium.

There was so much interest during the workshop that we decided to form an interest group.

From there we went on to form a Global Community of Practice and GRiT became live.

Our purpose is to learn and share ideas and to provide a support network to those interested in developing a greater understanding of resilience in the pharmacy profession.

The group provides a platform for people to collaborate on a range of initiatives, projects and research studies in the field of resilience. Specific areas of interest include resilience in undergraduate students, our preregistration/internship students, postgraduate pharmacists, preceptors and educators.

GRiT is made up of a range of people including pharmacists, social scientists, academics and psychologists from a range of backgrounds from across the globe.

We have developed this site so that pharmacists and academics across the world can freely access information, videos, podcasts and tools about resilience and wellbeing.

We invite you to explore our site; take a look at some of the topics and activities.

We hope you find it useful and enjoyable.

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