Feeling pushed in many different directions all at once should not be the norm. Achieving balance may help to pave a clear direction.

Individuals must work to balance many different life priorities – family, work, finances, hobbies, spirituality, fitness, social life, and more. Disruptions to balance may lead to stress associated with not being able to fulfill obligations or feeling like you should ‘always be doing more’. If you find yourself out of balance, how can you re-establish focus and find your way forward?  The resources in this section will lead you through a journey of reflection and awareness that centralizes on the principles of self-care in quest of self-actualization.

Work life balance

The following presentation by A/Professor Karen Whitfield, discuss the importance of maintaining a work life balance and what happens when life is out of balance.

Reflections on balance

Please click on the link to listen to the podcast where Karen, Dalia, Hannah and Emily discuss further what work life balance means them.

The podcast is also available to download.

Balance Activities

Watch this introduction to the activities below.

Developing SMART Goals

If you want to explore Work Life Balance further, Karen, Betty and Dalia have prepared some activities to look at maintaining a work life balance. Click on the link and give it a go.

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