Navigating the ever-changing world of resilience, grit and motivation can be challenging. That is why we are here to help.

Resources for personal and workforce development in this area come in all shapes and sizes. The linked pages below will guide you to self-reflection tools, continuing professional development modules, measurement and scoring tools, as well as links to interesting and useful resources developed by GRiT members and others.


Feeling overwhelmed? Burnout can be described as a state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion, usually arising from exposure to excessive and prolonged stress.


A key to building both personal and organizational resilience is being ready to face obstacles and setbacks. How can you ensure both you and your team are ready to succeed?

Resilient teams

Commonly referred to as the ability to ‘bounce back’, resilience is a complex yet important attribute for workplace strength. Which areas of resilience are of greatest interest to you?

Resilience and Emotional Intelligence

Stress – something new, difficult, challenging, or unusual – can be challenging.


Is work taking away too much time for the things you love?  Striving to achieve balance across our life priorities can be difficult, but is certainly not out of reach.

Our vision is a resilient pharmacy workforce, ready for the challenges of tomorrow

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